Stucco removal

Stucco removal is a process that is extremely important and needs to be done as quickly as possible. That is why homeowners worldwide prefer going through this process in the initial stages of home renovations. Since stucco removal can help you identify the structural damage on the exterior of your building, you can take steps to control the damage. If the stucco is not removed in time, the structural damage can worsen and cost you a lot more money.

Many homeowners wonder what they did wrong to have a stucco problem. Often they are a result of improper installation of building structures. Many inexperienced construction workers do not let the stucco dry properly, so it has trouble setting. The second reason why moisture seeps into the foundation of your house may be the wrapping of weatherproofing products around the house, leading to a stucco problem.

What are the signs that you need to look for before going for stucco removal?

You need to watch out a few steps before you decide to hire us to carry out your stucco removal procedure.

Cracked Walls

Even minor cracks shouldn’t worry you too much, but if they are bigger than 1/16” of an inch needs special attention. These cracks may worsen if they are not treated well and spread like cobwebs over the walls.

Gaps near doors and windows

There are gaps between windows and doors that can allow water or moisture to seep in. They are incredibly troublesome and should be looked out for.

Staining and signs of mold

Nothing is worse than mold on plaster. It is the most significant sign excessive moisture is seeping in through the plaster.

If it's been too long

If it's been too long since you got stucco, chances are they will get cracked and stained soon. It is better to be prepared on time, so consider removing them soon.

Let the Experts Help You With Stucco Removal

If you want to get your stucco removal done at affordable prices, contact Cinnaminson Exterior Design to do it in the best way possible! Our team will guide you about the entire process, pros and cons before starting! Moreover, we have unique styles and options for you to choose from!